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How to Get to Limoges Airport

Address of the Limoges Airport.

The Limoges Airport is located 5 miles (7 kilometers) from the town of Limoges.

The airport is just a few miles from the A20 Autoroute - exit (sortie) 28. Just follow Bellegarde with an aeroplane logo to get to the airport.

When leaving the airport to access the A20 Autoroute follow the A20 blue signs.
If you would like an idea just how far the Limoges Airport is from selected towns and cities like Bordeaux and Poitiers please see - Limoges Airport Driving Distances.

There is a taxi stand directly in front of the airport terminal.
If there are not any taxis at the taxi stand you can request one be called at the information desk. If for some reason there is no one at the information desk the taxi stand lists the phone numbers of two taxi companies.
It takes 20 minutes and costs €24 per taxi (€33 7pm-8am and Sundays) to go to the Limoges train station. That's a flat rate, regardless of number of passengers. This price is for only going to the train station and you must be willing to share a taxi.

Sent by a reader:
Just returned Limoges/Liverpool. Piece of useful information: There is a railway station at Nieull, about 7km from the airport. Its on the main Limoges/Poitiers line. Not all Limoges to Poitiers trains stop there so check first but it saves having to go into town first.

Readers directions of how to access the airport using the number 16 bus from Limoges and then walking.
Many thanks to Jonathan Hall for this!
It is possible to reach Limoges airport by public transport outside of the summer months when the shuttle bus service does not operate. Take route 16 from the Place de Winston Churchill in Limoges and then alight at the stop named 'Eglise' (rather appropriately, opposite a church and a cemetery) after about 20 mins. It then takes about 1 hour/3 miles to walk to the airport along a country road which has little traffic running along it. Eventually you join the main access road to the airport which is quite busy, but you only have to walk half a mile or so uphill along this road to the main terminal building. There is no pavement here but the verges are stone/concrete and are quite wide.
Route/ligne 16 runs about every 90 minutes frequency throughout the day.
I had one reader tell me that there is the number 16 bus from Place Winston Churchill in Limoges to Landouge. From there it’s a 2.5 mile walk to the airport. The cost to take the bus is 1.2€. I’m not sure how practical this is but I thought I’d pass it along. The reader also added it was a very nice walk.
This same reader added in October 2009:
I was to delighted to read about the Shuttle bus being introduced in June 2009 to operate until the end of October 2009, especially as I had just booked to fly on 8 October 2009. So - yesterday I made the 5 minute walk from Limoges Bellegarde train station to Place Jourdain in the pouring rain! With two heavy suitcases. Walk around the whole square and no sign of a bus stop - all in the rain. So I trudge further to the Tourist Board who tell me it finished on 30 September. I walked back and in a symbolic gesture at Place Jourdain I stood outside the CIEL building where I managed to find a scrappy Navette sign but no information that it had been taken out of service. After 2 cigars a very presentable lady from inside CIEL came to ask why I was waiting there with 2 suitcases!!! She then offered to call me a taxi. Defiantly ( or stupidly British ) I declined and strudged back to The Rail Station and got my own taxi.
Moral - dont trust or take actions on infrormation given by LIG and continue to catch the number 16 bus for 1.20 Euro.