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Limoges Airport Driving Distances

Below is a list of driving times and distances from the Limoges Airport to selected destinations. Please note these are estimates, depending on traffic it could take you longer.

Location Distance to Limoges Airport Driving Time
Angoulême 61 miles /98 kilometers 1.5 hours
Bordeaux 137 miles /220 kilometers 3 hours
Brive-la-Gaillarde 66 miles /106 kilometers 1.25 hours
Châteauroux 66 miles /106 kilometers 1.25 hours
Périgueux 59 miles /94 kilometers 1.5 hours
Poitiers 74 miles/120 kilometers 2 hours

If a location is not listed you can use If you do use, under 'Itinerary' in the 'Place' field you need to put Aéroport International de Limoges and then select France as the country. If you know the name of the town you want to go to that should work. Just put it in the 'Place' field in arrival.

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