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Limoges Airport to La Trimouille

Hello, three of us are travelling to Limoges airport in July/August. We need transport from there to La Trimouille near Mont? A hire car for a week will cost us at least £250. Would you have any idea how much a taxi would cost each way? We don't need the car while we are there so it's a bit of a waste.
Thanks for any help you can give.

It's about 75 km from the Limoges Airport to La Trimouille, so at €1.50 per km, the price for a taxi in the Haute-Vienne department, location of the Limoges Airport. You are looking at about €120 one way. Could be more at night, on a Sunday/Bank holiday or if you are more than 3 people or have lots of bags. So it looks to be less than car hire. I'd call one of the taxi companies listed here just to make sure or maybe work out a better price. I'm not a taxi company and can only estimate price.

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