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Taxi to Jumilhac le Grand

We would like to take a taxi from Limoges Airport to Jumilhac le Grand. I would like to book online. Any recommendations? Thanks

No I don't know where you can book a taxi online. But if you were to book online then I'm sure there would be booking fees. So not booking could save you money.

My suggestion is to either call a local taxi company like Limoges Taxis - 05 55 38 38 38 or Taxi verts - 05 55 37 81 81 and have them meet you at the airport. Or just arrive and take a taxi that's already at the airport.

If you are interested in knowing what the cost might be according to this site in the Haute-Vienne (department of the Limoges Airport) it is €1.42 per kilometres for a taxi, €2.12 at night, Sundays and bank holidays. As it is about 53 kilometres/33 miles from the Limoges Airport to Jumilhac le Grand you can figure on paying about €75. It might be a bit more as the prices listed are from 2008 and I'm not sure when/if taxi rates increase.

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